Committed to Christ:  In a world that appears to be marching toward greater and greater chaos, and where it is seemingly so difficult to make sense out of life anymore, we are thankful for the unchanging, yet relevant source of truth – God’s Word, the Bible, which serves as our anchor in troubled times.  Our mission is to glorify God in all of our worship, Grow believers, making them fully devoted followers of Christ, and go into our community and the whole world with the message of the gospel.


Committed to Families:   Because the family is the cornerstone of our society, we are passionate about doing all we can to minister to the whole family, and offer a wide variety of ministry opportunities designed to bring you and your family closer to God.


Committed to Community:   As a church, we have a burden to invest in, and meet the needs of, our community.  Come be a part of a church that goes out of its way to welcome our guests and make them feel right at home.