Here at Halethorpe Community Church, we offer a large Library and Media Center that is filled with everything you need to strengthen your relationship with Christ! We have concordances and materials for Bible College students, classic readings from authors like Max Lucado, Tim LaHaye, and many more! There is even a special Children's Reading Corner complete with comfy seating! We also have a wide variety of children appropriate movies including: Veggie Tales, Adventures in Odyssey, and more!


The Library is open each Sunday at 10:45am until Morning Worship begins and then for about 30-45 minutes following service. Special appointments can also be made throughout the week through the Church Office, Librarian, or any staff member!


New for the Church Library, if there are materials that peak your interest that you would like to take home, please feel free to do so. After you have read it, add it to your collection or pass it along to someone else!


Our Church Library is run by one of our Congregational Members, Mrs. Gail Palmer and other volunteers within the Church. If you would like to serve the Church by being one of our Librarians, please contact the Church Office or Gail today!

Halethorpe Community Church Library Hours

Sunday: 10:45am-11:00am and 12:15pm-12:45pm

Special appointments are also available through our Church Librarian!