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January 2020

Follow the Leader Who Follows the Leader
Pastor Steven Price brings a message out of Titus 1:1-9 titled "Follow the Leader who Follows the Leader".
01-19-2020 - Pastor Steven Price - Follo
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Incredible Grace
The Book of Ephesians: Incredible Grace
Pastor Frank Wray
01-12-2020-Pastor Frank-Incredible Grace
MP3 Audio File 20.6 MB
Prayer God Answers
The Book of Ephesians: Prayer God Answers
Pastor Frank Wray
01-05-2020-Pastor Frank-Prayer God Answe
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December 2019

The Miracle of the Moment
Pastor Steven Price, Pastor of Family Ministries shares a message called "The Miracle of the Moment" in a message based off of Galatians 4:4-5.
12-01-2019 - Pastor Steven Price - The M
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November 2019

A Life Changer
Pastor Frank Wray takes a one week break from our study int he book of Ephesians to take a look at the real meaning of Thanksgiving and why we should thank God in a message called "A Life Changer".
11-24-2019 - Pastor Frank Wray - A Life
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11 - 17 - 19 - Pastor Frank Wray - Real Blessings Part 3
Pastor Frank continues or study in the book of Ephesians focusing on Ephesians 1:9-13 in a message called "Real Blessings Part 3".
11-17-2019 - Pastor Frank Wray - Real Bl
MP3 Audio File 28.9 MB
Real Blessings Part 2
Pastor Frank Wray continues our study in the book of Ephesians with a message called "Real Blessings Part 2", focusing on Ephesians 1:7-8a. After the message, Pastor Frank Wray and Pastor Steven Price lead communion.
11-03-2019 - Pastor Frank Wray - Real Bl
MP3 Audio File 33.6 MB